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Download our brochure for the training course designation of personnel.

Designation policy

We can assist you with the designation of personnel. First we need to make a clear distinction between delegation of work and designation of personnel. We hereby focus on the latter which has to do with the responsibility of safety and integrity of technical capital assets.


A Managing Director bears the overall responsibility for everything involved in the operation of technical installations. In a policy statement concerning safety, health, environment and quality he makes a commitment that operations complies with certain principles. The Managing Director however is not a specialist in every field, he has to rely on expertise within in the company. 

Appoint an expert

So he appoints or designates a person in the organization who is an expert in a specific field, such as electrical, instrumental or mechanical. This person is not directly appointed for the delegation of work, but is responsible for how the work is to be done. 

If you need consultation or support during this process we are here to help.