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Job profiles

To obtain operational excellence you need to define clear job profiles. We can help you do that. Job profiles must cover the total activities of your operation and describe tasks, authorities and responsibilities.

This is necessary in order to make delegation of work efficient. Of importance is that your employees understands their scope of work. Consequently they can be held responsible for the quality of their work.


In order to fulfill tasks in a responsible way you need to be competent. Competence concerns skills and knowledge, which should go hand in hand. Knowledge without skills gives an inefficient theoretical operation. Skills without knowledge will sooner cause incidents and accidents by people not overseeing the consequences of their actions.

Challenge employees

Do your employees not meet the stated requirements of knowledge or skills and thus competence? Challenge them and give room for ambition, creativity and initiatives so they can eventually fit the necessary job profile. This also helps them to counter routine, because routine is your enemy when you want to run a safe, functional, effective and efficient operation.