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In hazardous areas it is essential that equipment, circumstances, working methods and your personnel comply with national and international standards to guarantee a safe operation. Whether or not you meet these standards can be accessed through inspections. Quercus helps you to run a safe operation, because we are specialized in electrical and explosion safety inspections.


Together we will set up an inspection plan describing the current situation, the expected outcome and our inspection possibilities. Matters like document status, competency and methods can be incorporated in this plan. Actually every shortcoming is related to these kind of matters. 

Improvement strategy

Based on the outcome we analyze the structural shortcomings and come up with an improvement strategy. We can also help you execute this improvement plan through consultancy and training.


Quercus uses ixPlanta, a state of the art web-based technology program, to manage the information you have gathered during inspections. This program allows you to access relevant information at all times.