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Since 2010 Certium has taken over the examination services of Quercus. 

Certium is an independent and impartial certification body and focuses on competency of staff, the safety of people and the integrity of technical installations. 

You can register for an exam via Quercus. If you have any questions regarding examination please contact us.


Training must be dedicated to the work to be performed. Too much gives ballast, too little gives un-safety. Training must be a balance between knowledge and skills. Understand what you do and do only what you understand.

It is the basis of your safe operation and will make you reach your company targets. Competence and competence management and safety and safety management are the key drivers. With excellent trainers and state of the art hands on facilities we give your people awareness in all situations.


We can offer you several in-company training possibilities because of our mobile practical. If you have access to a space that can serve as a classroom or instruction space with the corresponding facilities and equipment, then this can provide some interesting possibilities.

Often you can make notable savings with the in-company training. These savings on training costs, but also on indirect costs such as travelling expenses and absence hours, can be significant.

Tailored to your needs

We can also provide custom solutions. Often this concerns client-specific situations, where a tight fit to the business is of great importance. Because of our years of experience, we are able to develop a custom training especially for you. 

Together we determine what knowledge should be supplemented and what learning modules qualify. This way a custom solution is developed that precisely meets your needs. It is even possible to redevelop specific learning modules.

The advantages:

  • Fully adjusted client-specific situations and solutions

  • Connection to your business

  • Savings on training costs


Do you want to attend a training?

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